Its own ANASAZI Outdoor Behavioral health care Program Was Intended for youthful People between the ages of 17 and 13 who struggle to substance abuse, emotional in addition to behavioral worries. Attendees (YoungWalkers) spend 49 and 56 days hiking and sometimes even camping with small manufactured gear throughout the wilderness in Arizona. They dwell a wilderness program primitive lifetime in addition to learn the”old” skills or technologies.

Wilderness therapy supplies YoungWalkers having an opportunity to always be safe from clutter Or distraction in such an atmosphere– to ponder your lives, assume responsibility of past decisions, as well as prepare for a new beginning. YoungWalkers learn to cook their food (meal packs were replenished weekly ) and build homes to safeguard themselves against those elements. They can walk as much as 10 miles in each day infrequently camp fewer than two nights at precisely the exact identical place.

Procedure Philosophy

ANASAZI is not just a camp for booting. There is no confrontation, manipulation, and induce. Of the same food in addition to gear because the caring team Young Walkers, walk the road or simply await possibilities to show. Whenever the time comes they could teach love and affection, service, forgiveness, repentance, and restitution abilities and values.
The Shadow (counselor) was allocated To each kid who works closely with both the parents and their kids on an issue which attracted the YoungWalker to a trail. Shadows have at least a master’s degree but are modulated by psychologists as well as clinical director of the program. Shadows meet its YoungWalkers on the road weekly and also maintain fathers informed concerning the kids’ advancement.

Parent Involvement

Parental participation is a vital Component of this system’s success in addition to keeping route changes. Listed below will be the parents attending:

• 1 afternoon Peace Anatomy Workshop soon after admittance
• Parent guidance on entrance afternoon
• Weekly sessions with such a households therapist (Shadow) (of the person or by telephone / Skype)