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Castle North Middle School at WCSC

2800 Highway 261   Newburgh, IN  47629

Office Phone:  853-7347   Fax:  858-1089  Attendance Line:  858-3410

Castle North Middle School---Great Students, Great Parents, Great Teachers!
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Bertram John   Bertram's WCSC E-mail Principal  
Harris Greg   Harris's WCSC E-mail Assistant Principal  
Titzer Penny   Titzer's WCSC E-mail Counselor  
Rudisill Pat Rudisill's WCSC E-mail Athletic Director  
Roe Melissa   Roe's WCSC E-mail Secretary/Treasure  
Summers Sheila Summer's WCSC E-mail Guidance Secretary
Sommers Emily   Sommers's WCSC E-mail Social Worker  
Skelton April Skelton's WCSC E-mail Nurse
Richey Abby Richey's WCSC E-mail Nurse's aide
Mangold Lona   Mangold's WCSC E-mail Cafe Manager  
Knight John   Knight's WCSC E-mail Computer Tech  
Grimes Greg Grimes' WCSC E-Mail Computer Tech

6th Blue

6th Blue
Lawrence Christina 102 Lawrence's WCSC E-mail Eng/Lit
Emmons Leanne 100 Emmon's WCSC E-mail Math
Watjen Josh 400 Watjen's WCSC E-mail Science Watjen
Byers Jason 101 Byers's WCSC E-mail Social Studies

6th Gold

6th Gold
Short   Darlene 403 Short's WCSC E-mail Eng/Lit Short  
Dillman Delma 401 Dillman's WCSC E-mail Math Dillman
Clodfelter   Shawn 98 Clodfelter's WCSC E-mail Science Clodfelter
Reed John 402 Reed's WCSC E-mail Social Studies ReedJ

7th Blue

7th Blue
Dobrzynski Paul 303 Dobrzynski's WCSC E-mail English
Sturgeon Leanna 301  Sturgeon's WCSC E-mail Math Sturgeon
Wambach Rick 304  Wambach's WCSC E-mail Science Wambach
Wilson Steve 305  Wilson's WCSC E-mail Geography Wilson

7th Gold

7th Gold
Etienne Amanda 203 Etienne's WCSC E-mail English
Hurt Rick 207 Hurt's WCSC E-mail Math Hurt
Grooms Kara 206 Groom's WCSC E-mail Science
Chapman Kelly 205  Chapman's WCSC E-mail Geography

8th Blue

8th Blue
Blue Karen 202  Blue's WCSC E-mail English
Hulse Michelle 201  Hulse's WCSC E-mail Math Hulse
Killebrew Sara 204  Killebrew's WCSC E-mail Science
Fussner Bridget 200 Fussner's WCSC E-mail U.S. History

8th Gold

8th Gold
Gresham Kim 109 Gresham's WCSC E-mail English
Brasel Tracy 108  Brasel's WCSC E-mail Math Brasel
Perry Paul 110  Perry's WCSC E-mail Science Perry
Payne Curt 111  Payne's WCSC E-mail U.S. History


Mullen Eric 306 Mullen's WCSC E-mail Visual Art Mullen
Dailey Steve 504 Dailey's WCSC E-mail Band Coming Soon!
Schaperjohn Ginger 404 Schaperjohn's WCSC E-mail Excel Schaperjohn
Salley Ruth 307/208 Salley's WCSC E-mail FACS
Slepsky Andy gym Slepsky's WCSC E-mail PE
Wilhelmus Dick 300/302 Wilhelmus's WCSC E-mail Tech
Pearson Lisa mc Pearson's WCSC E-mail Media Center Pearson
Hogan Krista 501 Hogan's WCSC E-mail Music/Chorus Hogan
King Tina gym King's WCSC E-mai PE
Taylor Kathryn 308 Taylor's WCSC E-mail Health
Batts Jonathan 104 Batts' WCSC E-Mail Special Ed.
Stone Glenda 500 Stone's WCSC E-mail Special Ed.
Green Becky 503 Green's WCSC E-mail Special Ed.
King Cory 504 King's WCSC E-mail Band Aide
Shockey Brian 104 Shockey's WCSC E-mail Aide
Willis Jedd 500 Willis' WCSC E-mail Aide
Waddington Sidney 503 Waddington's WCSC E-mail Aide
Plummer Kaitlin 105 Plummer's WCSC E-mail Remediation
Harris Dave café Harris' WCSC E-mail ESL/Café Aide
Martin Carla 106 Martin's WCSC E-mail Math Remediation
Reed Rachel 109 R. Reed's WCSC E-mail LA Remediation
Kinney Jenny Kinney's WCSC E-mail Chorus

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